The Community Health Worker Network of NYC exists to advance the Community Health Worker (CHW) practice through education, advocacy, and research, while preserving the identity and character of CHWs.
About the Network

  • The Community Health Worker Network of NYC is the only independent professional association of community health workers in New York City.
  • The Network is a partner in the New York State Community Health Worker Association.
  • The Network represents over 1,000 members from over 250 organizations.
  • The Network is committed to the development of our practice and the principle of self-determination.
  • The Network is nationally and internationally recognized as a CHW training center in both core competencies and health-related specialties.
  • The Network helps organizations recruit, assess, train, and support CHWs to maximize the CHW contribution to their organization's mission.
  • The Network provides organizational development training for managers and executives with an interest in improving their internal operations and their customer service acumen.
  • The Network promotes dialogue among members so they may develop a collective voice to inform policy relevant to their practice and share experiences, concerns, challenges, and successes.
  • The Network holds meetings every other month and are open to all interested parties.  Find information on meeting dates, times, and location at "Get Connected."

The Network advocates for:

  • Recognition of CHWs as agents of change that function within the context of social justice.
  • Integration of CHWs into health and social service systems
  • CHW voice in policy and practice issues
  • CHW training in core competencies and health-related specialties
  • Stable financing mechanisms for CHW services for improved career ladder, market, and wages