• The CHW Network of NYC supports political, economic, and financial positions that advance the CHW practice while preserving the integrity of the CHW identity and character.
  • The Network organizes CHWs in local/regional configurations and supports CHW leadership development within those organizations.
  • The Network establishes workforce standards that include recommendations on scope of practice, training, credentialing and CHW financing.
  • The Network endorses organizations and institutions that embrace the CHW Network recommendations published in, "Paving a Path to Advance the CHW Workforce in New York State."
  • The Network is an active leader in the American Public Health Association's Community Health Worker Section where we influence national policy issues relevant to our practice.
  • The Network issues policy briefs and statements to support organizations wanting to integrate CHWs into their operations.
  • The Network supports a legislative agenda aimed at advancing the CHW practice by informing elected officials and government agencies on the appropriate utilization of CHWs.