By Any Other Name?

Before the US Department of Labor established a unique standard occupational classification (SOC) for CHWs (SOC #21-1094) many employers gave their CHWs titles based on the needs of the organization or based on the tasks the CHW was expected to perform.  Over the years, this led to a myriad of titles under which CHWs functioned.  More importantly, it led to much confusion amongst CHWs themselves and their employers about the identity, character and scope of practice of CHWs.

Following are some of the titles under which CHWs function:

Care Coordinator Addiction Treatment Specialist
Case Worker Asthma Educator
Community Follow-Up Worker Asthma Family Support Worker
Community Health Advisor Case Management Technician
Community Health Advocate Diabetes Family Support Worker
Community Health Outreach Worker HIV/AIDS Family Support Worker
Counselor Mental Health Aide
Cultural Interpreter Natural Researcher
Cultural Mediator Nutrition Advisor
Eligibility Worker Nutrition Educator
Family Advocate Pre-Perinatal Health Specialists
Family Support Worker  Outreach Worker
Health Advocate  Patient Navigator