Outlook & Salary Range

Throughout the United States, the CHW field is burgeoning, both in interest and demand.  The field is also rapidly expanding into new areas of health and community wellness as CHWs continue to improve health promotion efforts, chronic disease management programs, health insurance enrollment, immunization drives, HIV/AIDS treatment, access to mental health services and maternal-child health interventions.  In particular, health reform mandates for increased access, improved outcomes, and lowered costs are drawing much attention to the potential role for CHWs in emerging innovations such as health homes and patient-centered medical homes.

CHWs often are hired to support a specific health initiative, which may depend on short-term funding sources.  As a result, CHWs may have to move from job to job to obtain steady income.  This short-term categorical funding of health services is a challenge to the stability and sustainability of the CHW practice.  The Community Health Worker Network of NYC has accomplished much in the way of establishing workforce standards for CHWs in New York and helping CHW stakeholders understand the CHW identity and standards of practice.  

CHW salaries vary depending on local economies, wage scales, and demand.  In major metropolitan areas, recommended salary ranges are as follows:

Entry-Level CHW - $35,000-$42,000

Senior CHW - $42,000-$52,000

CHW Supervisor - $52,000-$60,000

CHW Manager - $60,000 and up